Cam Belt change

Timing Belts

Timing Belt and CamBelt Replacement

  • Timing Belts
  • Timing or Cambelts
  • Tensionners and pulleys
  • Waterpumps
  • Auxilliary drive belts

Timing Belts are a critical part of a modern engine. They should be changed regulalry in line with manufacturers requirements and are required based on mileage and age. They connect the top part of the engine to the bottom and ensure its smooth running and operation. The timing belt is made from rubber so hardens and perishes causing cracks and stretching with use and age.  Most require replacement after a set period of time or specific mileage interval. Each car manufacturer will recommend different replacement intervals for different models and engine sizes. Failure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines can lead to engine damage and very costly repairs.

Water Pump Replacment

Failed timing belt due to seized water pump

We will advise you as part of our normal service process of when your timing belt is due for change.  We would always recommend replacing the belt any idlers and tensioners commonly known in the tread as a timing belt kit.  The reason for this is that he belt tensioners, idle rollers and associated parts,  are just as prone to wear and failure as the belt itself.  On some models it is recommended to replace the water pump at the same time and where appropriate we will include this in our estimate to you.


Cambelt changing due to oil leak

Oil contaminated timing belt

Timing Tensioners and Water pumps