Air Conditioning

Hot and bothered? We’ll quickly get you Feeling Cool again!

As well as keeping you cool and comfortable during hot weather your cars air con system does so much more for you and your family!

Benefits of an Air Con Service:

  • Cooler , Cleaner Drier air to improve your comfort
  • Dry Pollen Free Cabin reducing allergies
  • Better fuel economy through optimum performance
  • Extending the life of the air con system
  • Identifying minor faults before they become serious and costly
  • Leave you feeling fresh by removing bacteria & unpleasant smells

Before we start we give:

  • Free advice and performance checks including cabin vent temperature
  • Check your air con electronics are working properly.
  • Check mechanical components and drive belts are in serviceable condition
  • Check the type of refrigerant used and actual system pressures on arrival
  • Visually inspect the pipework and condenser for signs of damage , leak or corrosion.
  • Provide a clear estimate and timescale for work agreed.

Why customers choose Cavendish for Air Con Repairs:

  • Proven track record of Air Con repairs
  • All of our repair work is guaranteed against leaks
  • We provide accurate estimates for any repair work identified
  • Free advice and quick turnaround offered
  • We test before and after we re-gas to avoid disappointment!!

Anyone carrying out air con work on cars should do all of the above but sadly most do not. We pride ourselves on a first time fix which is why we do lots of work for other garages as well as for our own customers.  We have been doing air con work for many many years now and have built up a wealth of experience.  To do the job properly  its so much more than just connecting a machine. Quite often a customer assumes they require a re-gas when in fact we identify another simple reason there air con isn’t working saving them time and money.

Routine Air Con Service recommended every 2 years – From £45.00 (R134A)
Did you know Air Conditioning systems become less efficient each year? Air Conditioning systems can lose up to 15% of refrigerant every year resulting in a less powerful and less efficient systems. Most manufacturers now recommend servicing and recharging your system at least every 2 years. This is our most common request with car air conditioning systems that are currently working.

Nitrogen Pressure testing and Diagnosis – From £65.00
Even if you have been told your car has a leak we can help.  Although if we believe there is a leak on the air con system we are legally not allowed to refill it with refrigerant we can test it with Oxygen Free Nitrogen.

In some cases it is obvious a pipe is broken or a damaged condenser.  Sometimes it takes a lot longer for a leak to show but with a nitrogen pressure test we are able to simulate the pressures that occur when the air conditioning system is running, this helps us to identify any potential leaks and then provide you with an estimate for any necessary repairs. We only carry out remedial repair work once we have authorisation.  Once fixed we re test the system to make sure the leak is cured and guarantee our repair against further leak for your complete peace of mind.

We cater for all aspects of automotive air conditioning service and repair. Condensers, evaporators, expansion valves, pipes, compressors, compressor clutches , pressure switches and wiring faults,  so why not give us a call now.

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If your car is due an MOT shortly the government are extending the current test expiry date by six months automatically on or shortly before your test falls due.

We will contact you when we reopen to arrange to test your car or conduct a health check to keep you safe.

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