Unexpected warning light?

Car Problems?

Need Help to Diagnose a Fault?

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Great reasons to choose Cavendish to Diagnose faults on your cars

  • We can quickly identify the cause of the warning light.
  • We will explain in simple language whats gone wrong.
  • We will provide a clear estimate and gain authorisation before carrying out any repairs.
  • We won’t change parts until we know why they have failed.
  • We will take photos and print fault codes to share with you for complete transparency.
  • We will save time and money getting you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.
  • We will do a complete safety check and road test once we’ve completed the repair for your complete peace of mind.
  • We will provide a clear invoice and guarantee for all of our work.

Our professional team will carry out a comprehensive diagnostic routine to ensure we understand why a warning light has come on.  This will usually start with a conversation about when you first book in.  Often we will ask a trained technician to spend some time with you to fully understand the fault.  There are a few things you can do to help us by writing down answers to our top tips below. Don’t worry if you are unsure but the more you can tell us the faster we will find the fault.

TOP Tips to SAVE Money on Diagnostic Charges

  • Try to make a note of when the fault first started.
  • Does the fault occur every time you drive it?
  • How long do you have to drive it before the fault occurs?
  • Tell us how the car feels to drive.
  • Does it just happen as you approach a junction or stop?
  • Does it just happen when driving at speed?

When an electronic fault occurs in a system, a warning light is usually displayed on the dashboard. The examples shown are very common but any unusual light on the dashboard should be checked immediately. They are often referred to as Diagnostic Trouble Codes DTC’s or Scan codes.

The most common system failures that we encounter are:

Example of engine management light Engine Management Light , if this illuminates with the engine running, it indicates a malfunction with the engine management system. Have this checked as soon as possible.

Emmisions Control Light, on many cars this is the engine management light. On other cars it may be a glow plug or service light illumindated.  Either way an orange or red light on the dash board should be investigated.

Example of ABS Light ABS warning light , when the ignition is switched on, this light illuminates briefly and then should go out.  This is normal and part of the self test process.  If the light remains on this indicates a fault and that it should be checked as soon as possible. Normal braking (without ABS) will be maintained but the special ABS function will not work. Other regular faults on advanced abs systems include: ESP or ASP or Traction control lights.

Example of Air Bag Light Airbag light , this will illuminate when a fault is detected in the airbag or supplemental restraint systems (SRS). Have this checked as soon as possible. The airbag or SRS in question is disabled whilst faulty, and will not deploy in the event of an accident.

As part of our diagnostic checks we are able to electronically interrogate your vehicles engine management system to identify the fault code and the probable cause. Our trained technicians can then accurately determine the specific cause of the fault.

Once the faulty part or operation has been identified we will provide and estimate for replacement or repair as required which will of course include the resetting of the appropriate warning light.

Diagnostic charges:

Scan code read only £30.00
Diagnostic Labour £47.50 / hour