Clutch Repairs



  • Free Clutch Checks
  • Slave cylinders and release bearings
  • Dual Mass Flywheel and Conversion Kits
  • Clutch Cables, and Gear Linkages
  • Gear box faults

Clutch Replacement
We can replace clutches, slave cylinders , release bearings, cables, linkages, clutch forks gear box seals and all associated repairs. Call in for a free clutch check and we will provide you with an estimate.  We deal and fit all major brands including LUK, Valeo, Sachs and also offer a variety of value brands for the older car to suit every pocket.

Free Clutch Checks
A smooth running clutch is essential for comfortable and efficient driving. Common symptoms of possible problems include difficulty changing gears, an unusually hi or low clutch pedal, an unusually heavy or light clutch pedal. Unexpected engine revving on acceleration. In case you are in any doubt that your clutch is faulty we can complete a free clutch check while you wait.

Flywheels and Dual Mass Flywheels
Many modern engines are so powerful they are fitted with a special flywheel called a dual mass flywheel. These improve the smooth running of the engine and gear changes and wear along with the clutch itself.  Whenever a clutch is renewed, your flywheel will be inspected and if necessary we will advise replacement or refinishing.

A worn dual mass flywheel will affect the performance and efficiency of the new clutch and almost certainly result in premature failure. We will usually give you a estimate for replacing both the clutch and the dual mass flywheel if we believe your car has one fitted.  If we identify unexpectedly a worn or failed flywheel, clutch fork, or input shaft sleeve or seal we will advise you of any additional recommendations and costs once it has been inspected.