Tyre Fitting in Ashington


Tyres and Alignment

Tyres are the only part of your car touching the road and a key aspect of road safety.  They are critical for grip , acceleration , cornering and braking.

At Cavendish Motors we recommend quality tyres and offer a full range to suit all needs and driving requirements.

We also understand that selecting the right tyre can be confusing so our team are always happy to listen and understand your needs. knowing your needs allows us to guide you through the process and help you select the best solution from a budget tyre to a premium brands we have a solution to suit every pocket.

Wet tyre performance

The legal minimum tread depth for a car tyre  is just 1.6 mm and you can check this by looking at the tyre wear indicator in the tread.  In the wet the stopping distance will be greatly reduced once the tread depth falls below 3 mm so we would recommend you have your tyres changed before they reach the legal limit to ensure safety and comfort.

Cavendish Motor Company offer free tyre safety checks and will check for uneven wear and any damage, if necessary we will also arrange a check of suspension or wheel alignment and advise you accordingly.

We stock a range of quality mid range tyres for immediate fitment and can often fit tyres while you wait.  All other brands including Michellin, Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Pirelli, Dunlop and more are available usually same day.

If you know your tyre size and what your after just call or pop in and we will always aim to give you a great deal.  If your not sure how to find this, we can help you over the phone or if you pop in we’ll check for you so you can get a speedy price straight away.

Our prices always include the price of the tyre, the fitting, new standard valve & wheel balancing and are inclusive of VAT as standard.   We aim to offer honest upfront competitive tyre prices first time to our loyal customers in Ashington and Morpeth .

Puncture Repairs


If you get a flat tyre or puncture change it for your spare immediately without driving on it.  We can often repair tyres safely and advise if the tyre is damaged and needs replacement.

TPMS or Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems are fitted to many cars and a warning light is often the first thing a customer will notice they have a problem.  If you can inflate the tyre and then we will reset the warning light or diagnose any potential faults.  We can also arrange replacement of these specialist valves or transponders if they are damaged saving you an expensive return to the main dealer.

Run Flat Tyres often look fine even if they have damage or a puncture so remember to get them professionally checked if your car has a warning light on the dash to keep you and your family safe.

Cavendish Motors are a Blackcircles.com premier centre

At Cavendish Motors we pride ourselves on our customer service and most customer like this approach regarding tyre selection.

In this digital age we recognise customers also love to buy online and read independent reviews to help them choose a brand. Whatever your preference we can help and are proud to be a Black circles Premier fitting partner.

Wheel Alignment

Correct Wheel Alignment Saves Money

Our TOP Reasons to get an Alignment check:

  • Uneven wear on the front or rear tyres.
    If you can see uneven wear on your tyres we would advise an immediate alignment and suspension check.
  • The car pulls to the left or right.
    If when driving along a straight flat road the car drifts to the left or right and/or pulls to one side under braking we would advise an alignment and brake inspection.
  • A crooked steering wheel.
    If the steering wheel is not straight when the car is driving in a straight line we would advise an immediate alignment check.
  • Improved Driving Experience
    With the car set to manufacturers settings you can enjoy the best possible road handling and experience again.
    Accurate wheel alignment reduces strain on suspension and steering parts and prolongs tyre life giving increased MPG and improved tyre life.

Your wheel alignment should be checked annually as a minimum, or whenever you have a suspension repair or hit a kerb or pothole hard.

At Cavendish Motors we use the same dealer level Hunter Wheel alignment to ensure we can return your car to factory settings to optimise tyre wear and provide maximium safety and driving comfort.

If you think your alignment might be incorrect give us a call to book in for a free alignment check today.